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4010.ULFB (full extension slide) - ULF HD B (68-103kgs)

Buy 4010.ULFB   -ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at Buy 4010.ULFB  - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at

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Click here to view larger image of 4010.ULFB    - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) The ULF HD B slide has a patented sequential beam operation. This allows the slide to extend as a pair and release the strongest beam first. Thus the slide is smoother in operation and the ball cages align with ease.

The B version of the ULF has a bracket fitted to the inner beam for ease of mounting the drawer. These are available on the stock programme.

Manufactured from formed rolled steel and bright zinc plate, the load capacities range from 52-103 kgs and are tested to 100,000 cycles. This slide is made in Europe to the highest quality available in the market.

There are various formats and options available with the ULF slide, such as soft close, easy release, locks and two way extension.

Plating is bright zinc chromate as standard, with an optional black passivation. Designation: NEN - EN 12329-Fe/Zn5/F/T2. Layer thickness: Average 5µm.
Corrosion resistance: Minimum 120 hours neutral salt spray (ISO-9227/ ASTM- B 117) before zinc corrosion (white) occurs.

Load ratings are tested to 100,000 cycles. There is specific test data available for lifespans of 10,000 cycles, where the loadings may be substantially increased. Please consult our sales engineers for further information.

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Buy 4010.ULFB    - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at Buy 4010.ULFB  - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at

Code Closed Length (mm) Extension (mm) Max Load Capacity (kg)  
4010.ULFB .0300 300mm 320mm 68kg
4010.ULFB .0350 350mm 375mm 77kg
4010.ULFB .0400 400mm 440mm 73kg
4010.ULFB .0450 450mm 495mm 83kg
4010.ULFB .0500 500mm 550mm 90kg
4010.ULFB .0550 550mm 600mm 91kg
4010.ULFB .0600 600mm 650mm 97kg
4010.ULFB .0700 700mm 750mm 103kg

Buy 4010.ULFB   -ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at Buy 4010.ULFB  - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at

Information Icon If you cannot find a variant suitable for your requirements then then please call us on +44 (0)1691 770303 between 9am-5pm GMT, or alternatively click here to contact us by email.

Drawing of 4010.ULFB    (full extension slide) - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) Space Envelope Width: 19mm   Height: 56mm 

Closed Length: 300-700mm

Extension Length: 320-750mm 

Maximum Load Capacity: 103-68 kg/pair

Number of Beams: 3   

Extension Type: Total

Material: Steel

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Buy 4010.ULFB    - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at Buy 4010.ULFB  - ULF HD B (68-103kgs) online at

Datasheets and Other Documents For This Product
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PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 300mmULF HD B datasheet 300mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:38:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 300mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 350mmULF HD B datasheet 350mm- PDF
v18/02/2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:39:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 350mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 400mmULF HD B datasheet 400mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:40:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 400mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 450mmULF HD B datasheet 450mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:42:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 450mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 500mmULF HD B datasheet 500mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:45:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 500mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 550mmULF HD B datasheet 550mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:46:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 550mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 600mmULF HD B datasheet 600mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:47:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 600mm spacer image

PDF - ULF HD B datasheet 700mmULF HD B datasheet 700mm- PDF
v18.02.2013 - Created: 2/18/2013 10:48:00 AM

ULF HD B datasheet 700mm spacer image

PDF - Thomas Regout Range OverviewThomas Regout Range Overview- PDF
v26.03.2013 - Created: 3/26/2013 7:02:00 AM

Thomas Regout Range Overview spacer image


Add Product to Enquiry Click here to view and select product load capacity/length variants and add them to your enquiry.

Suitable Applications for this Product
Application Icon Banking Equipment - Cashpoint machines and other electronic machines for cash handling and delivery of customer services as well as in-branch furniture and desking.
Cash Machines (inc ATMs)
Light duty telescopic slide products installed to facilitate maintenance and replenishment of ATMs, cash counting and other in-branch cash handling machinery.
In-branch Desking

Banking furniture is recognised as being of a specialised nature, requiring slide produtcs that offer the operator smooth, reliable and safe movement when drawers are fully loaded with coinage but also providing high levels of security against unuathorised access when required.

Thomas Regout Products

The Thomas Regout range of rolled steel telescopic slide products has a world wide reputation for quality and reliability. GSF offer this superb brand of products within our range with various models available for delivery direct from our stock here in the U.K.

For standard stocked models we are pleased to offer a one pair minimum order quantity with next day delivery.

Application Icon Electronics - Telescopic slides (full extension and over extension) for mounting electronics racks and components for maintenance and installation purposes.
19 Inch Racks

The industry standard for mounting electronic systems is the 19" rack, but small variations in size of the electronic units themselves can greatly affect the gap available for positioning a telescopic slide to carry the component.  GSF's  large range of products means that you can expect to find a slide to meet your requirements.

The high cost and sensistivity of the electronics being mounted means that the slide must be precision engineered to move with a moderate resistance and have a shock-reducing end-stop configuration - a free moving slide with a solid end-stop may result in shock damage to sensitive equipment. 

Over-extension and lock-in / lock-out are features which will facilitate easier access for the purposes of maintenance and installation.


In ATM/TVM machines, operators will be accessing the machines on a daily basis, and it is generally an absolute requirement that the components of the machine are always positioned accurately in relation to each other to ensure that they interract correctly.  This requires precision engineered slides that remain reliable and and do not lose shape or become loose over time, despite high movement repetitions.

GSF has an extensive range of cost-effective slides designed to meet these criteria. This, coupled with GSF's expertise at specifying slides and designing fixings, enables us to make a significant contribution to the overall success of your end-product.


Light Duty

<application suspended>


For the mounting of electronics in non-standard environments, many different factors may need to be taken into account.  For example, when mounted in vehicles, the electronic components and the slide systems holding them in place have to be able to withstand vibration, impact, and dynamic forces caused by the movement of the vehicle itself.  In some cases, particularly military applications, the system may need to be designed to withstand damp, dusty and corrosive conditions as well.

GSF's long experience of specifying slides and systems for a vast array of non-standard applications constitutes possibly the most valuable resource available to you. To help ensure that your product performance criteria are fully satisfied a range of additional options are available for consideration - selection of base materials for the slide beams, cages and ball bearings, specification of corrosion resistant finishes, end-stops, locking mechanisms, double extensions, slide reinforcing and many more.

Effectivly, GSF can provide the most standard of solutions through to a totally bespoke slide design.


Application Icon Industrial Storage - In-rack drawers and bespoke storage systems and assemblies
Museum Storage

The breadth of GSF's product range gives you an unparalled advantage when engineering solutions for unique storage systems that have to accomodate large irregular shaped artifacts or exhibits. Our experience with some of the more unusual high volume low load applications and environmentally sensitive storage conditions is available for you to call upon together with access to perhaps the widest range of sliding procuts in the world.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the storage or display unit while providing safe and secure access when required.



Workspace Storage

GSF offers a wide range of standardised products that are available direct from stock and which are most suitable for use in workspace desking, tool storage, assembly and operation stations. These products can be purchased free of restrictive minimum order quantities and charges. 



Application Icon Products - Sliding Systems' products by type, being (1) Professional Slides; (2) Hegra Performance Slides; (3) Thomas Regout; (4) Stainless Steel Slides; (5) Precision Linear Rail; (6) Slide & Tilt Systems; (7) Front Handle Locking System; (8) Aluminium Non Corrosive and (9) Quick Fist Tool Mount System
03. Thomas Regout

The full range of Thomas Regout rolled steel telescopic slides and linear rails are now available from Sliding Systems. Innovation and Quality are assured with competitive pricing and rapid delivery. Smooth, sequentially extending slides to 300kg load capacity from a trusted global volume manufacturer.
As a world first, we can now offer the heaviest duty rolled steel slide designed for demanding applications such as emergency and special vehicle stowage systems. Stocked and available to buy online.

click here to BUY these slides online now at our e-commerce website

Image of ULF HD B (68-103kgs) - 4010.ULFB    - Sliding Systems
Image of ULF HD B (68-103kgs) - 4010.ULFB    - Sliding Systems